Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Baseline?

  1. Attention to detail and extreme care taken using good fundamental techniques.
  2. A quality, usable finished product.
  3. We use cutting edge technology that saves clients time and money.
  4. We study each project thoroughly with extensive research.
  5. Support small business.

How much does a survey cost?

Survey costs vary depending on various factors:

  • Type of Survey Required
  • Surveyor's Knowledge of Area
  • Existing Site Conditions/Terrain
  • Size of Site
  • Availability of Recorded Information
  • Existing Monumentation on Site
  • Liability Incurred by Surveyor
  • Amount of Information Supplied by Client

Since every site is different and because conditions and requirements vary, it is difficult to determine an exact fee quickly. A surveyor can give a better cost when all the variables associated with the site have been studied. It is important to realize that the lowest fee is not always best for the surveyor or the client. Bad surveys can end up costing the client time and emotional pain not to mention more money. A well prepared survey will be the least expensive part of your total land investment cost.

When do I need a survey?

  • Prior to purchasing land to ensure what you are buying
  • Prior to installing a fence, building, or house, or other types of construction
  • Prior to dividing land into smaller parcels
  • When you sell a parcel of land not previously surveyed
  • To verify the amount of land assessed for taxes
  • When you think someone has encroached on your land
  • For accurate Engineering Design
  • To determine if your home is in a Flood Zone
  • For construction layout

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