About Baseline, LLC.

Baseline doesn't just provide high definition surveys. We are able to utilize cutting edge technology combined with years of experience to efficiently handle any project accurately and in a timely manner. Baseline can do subdivision designs as simple as dividing two lots or as detailed as creating a 100 lot subdivision with roads, storm drainage and sewer design. From GPS control surveys to rural boundaries, or from flood certificates to extensive urban location and topographic surveys, Baseline can satisfy a wide array of surveying needs. We also do small site design as well. Small site designs make Baseline a cost effective choice when it comes to a complete survey/design product.

Baseline's owner, Arthur "Ledge" Nettles is the firm's principal land surveyor and engineer. He is licensed as a professional engineer and land surveyor in Alabama. He is also licensed as a land surveyor in Georgia as well. Baseline has a staff of qualified personnel that are always ready to get the job done right.

Ledge has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Auburn University (1995). He worked for T. Richard Fuller Land Surveying, Inc. after graduation. He gained engineering experience from The WIT Group, Inc. and Civil Design and Consulting, Inc. where he served as vice-president and chief surveyor before starting Baseline Surveying & Design, LLC. Ledge has been a part of the design and layout of shopping centers, parking decks, athletic fields, office sites, apartment sites, subdivisions, gas stations, and many other development types. This wide range of experience allows him to see more than just one side of the construction puzzle.

Arthur Nettles
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